About Us


We as a family would always be asking ourselves why they put all this unnecessary and often harmful substance in our food supply! Often finding ourselves needing a search engine to decipher what's inside of our food and products. Who grew the food and how did they grow it? What did it go through to make it to our front door? We didn't want to compromise and I know you feel the same way! In this frustration we made a commitment to control our food supply.



In 2018 we founded Kana Lume, we certified our Ranch with CCOF and started producing certified organic microgreens. We began attending certified farmers markets in Los Angeles and there we met so many great individuals appreciating the Divine food. We recognized the need for our unique seed blends and noted the satisfaction it gave our extended Kana Lume families.


2019 we wanted to expand our reach to serve more families. This extension lead to the development of our signature Microgreen line. These are seed mixes we mix and grow. We have some unique blends that is characterized by our brand.



2020 the world is changing as we know it.  They say their is no price you wouldn't pay for your freedom, health, well-being and peace of mind. We embrace that truth and take a dedicated non wavering commitment to our quality. Especially in these times when the whole world is threatened by Covid -19 and the uncertainty that this brings our daily lives. Evolution as we know it, is changing daily, however Kana Lume products are always all organic with no unnecessary additives or preservatives. We custom grow our unique microgreen varieties, they listen to music and enjoy fresh water, that is packed with minerals and oxygen from our well. 


From our family to yours, for your health.